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Exploring GitLab at RWTH Aachen University: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a member of RWTH Aachen University or an external user interested in utilizing GitLab for your projects? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key aspects of GitLab at RWTH Aachen University, from access and authentication to creating projects and leveraging its powerful features.


Discover the GitLab instance provided by RWTH Aachen University, catering to the specific needs of its members. Learn about the importance of utilizing the DFN AAI Single Sign-On and the benefits it offers.

Access and Authentication

Understand the different authentication methods available for students, staff, and external users. Find out how to log in using the DFN AAI Single Sign-On or authenticate via GitHub as an external user.

Creating Projects and Groups

Learn how to create projects and groups within GitLab at RWTH Aachen University. Explore the project management features that allow for efficient organization, collaboration, and version control of your work.

Authentication for External Users

Discover the authentication options available for external users and how they can leverage GitLab via GitHub.

Understand the limitations they may encounter in terms of creating groups and projects.

GitLab Instance Distinctions

Gain insights into the different GitLab instances and their purposes. Understand how to navigate and differentiate between instances based on your specific requirements and affiliations.

Documentation and Support

Access the documentation portal provided by the IT Center at RWTH Aachen University for comprehensive guides and resources. Find answers to your questions and get support for using GitLab effectively.


Wrap up by highlighting the advantages of using GitLab at RWTH Aachen University and encourage readers to leverage its features for efficient project management and collaboration. Emphasize the value it brings to both students and staff in optimizing their workflows.

With this blog review, readers will gain a thorough understanding of GitLab at RWTH Aachen University and be equipped with the knowledge to make the most of this powerful platform for their projects.

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