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Fortnite Leak Unveils Upcoming Mythic Weapon: Explosive Repeater Rifle

Get ready for an explosive addition to Fortnite’s arsenal! A recent leak has revealed details about the highly anticipated upcoming Mythic weapon, the Explosive Repeater Rifle. From its unique sound effects to increased explosion radius, here’s what you need to know about this game-changing weapon.

The Explosive Repeater Rifle: A New Mythic Weapon

The Explosive Repeater Rifle, featured in Fortnite’s Chapter 4 – Season 3 trailer, has captured the attention of players. Resembling the Lever Action Rifle, this weapon offers a twist with its shotgun sounds. Available in four raritiesRare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythicthe rifle promises diverse gameplay possibilities. Players can discover it in various loot sources, including chests, floor loot, and Holo-Chests. The elusive Mythic version’s specific location remains a mystery, leaving players eager to explore the map in search of this powerful weapon.

A Bigger Bang: Increased Explosion Radius

The leaked details also shed light on the explosive power of the Repeater Rifle.

The Legendary variant boasts a 2.6-meter explosion radius, while the Mythic version takes it a step further with an impressive 3.5-meter radiusa nearly 40% increase. With such a wide blast radius, players can anticipate devastating impacts on opponents and structures alike. Although specifics like damage and fire rate are yet to be unveiled, the larger explosion radius alone suggests the potential for game-changing strategies and exciting gameplay moments.

The Future of Fortnite’s Arsenal

The leak has stirred up excitement among Fortnite enthusiasts, fueling anticipation for the arrival of the Explosive Repeater Rifle. As players eagerly await its release, they can look forward to a dynamic and thrilling gameplay experience. The addition of a new Mythic weapon opens up endless possibilities for strategic approaches and epic battles within the Fortnite universe. Keep an eye out for the upcoming update, as the Explosive Repeater Rifle is expected to make its explosive debut soon.

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