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Fortnite Now Available on Supported Browsers with Xbox Cloud Gaming

Exciting news for Fortnite fans! Microsoft has partnered with Epic Games to bring Fortnite to supported browser-enabled devices through Xbox Cloud Gaming. Now you can enjoy the popular battle royale game on your iOS, iPadOS, Android phone or tablet, or Windows PC without the need for installations or memberships. Simply head to on your web browser, sign in with your Microsoft Account, and embark on your Fortnite adventures.

Access Fortnite Anywhere

With the integration of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Fortnite becomes easily accessible on a variety of devices. Whether you prefer the convenience of touch controls or the precision of a supported controller, you can dive into the action anytime, anywhere. The supported browser functionality allows for seamless gaming experiences on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, expanding the player base and fostering a more inclusive gaming community.

Expanding the Cloud Gaming Catalog

The addition of Fortnite as a Free-to-Play title in the cloud gaming catalog marks an important milestone for Xbox.

By making gaming more accessible to billions of players worldwide, Xbox aims to provide more choices and opportunities for gamers. The partnership with Epic Games is just the beginning, as Xbox plans to introduce more beloved Free-to-Play games in the future, enriching the cloud gaming experience for players of all backgrounds.

Learn More and Start Playing

If you’re eager to join the Fortnite frenzy through browser-based gaming, visit for detailed information on how to get started. The Support Page provides step-by-step instructions and helpful resources to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Embrace the freedom to engage in thrilling battles, team up with friends, and earn Victory Royales in Fortnite’s vibrant virtual world.

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