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Fortnite Storage Requirements: How Many GB Does It Take on PC, PS4 & Xbox?

Discover the storage space needed to download Fortnite on different platforms, including recent updates that have reduced the file size for improved gameplay.

Fortnite Size on PC

In a recent update, Epic Games has managed to reduce the file size of Fortnite on PC by over 60GB, bringing the average size of the game to around 26GB. This reduction in size has been met with excitement from players, as it frees up valuable storage space on their hard drives. Along with the decreased file size, Epic Games has also improved loading performance and ensured that patch updates are of smaller size.

Comparing Fortnite’s size to other popular games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite now offers a more compact storage requirement. While some games like Warzone have grown to over 250GB in size, Fortnite’s reduced file size makes it a more manageable option for players.

Fortnite Size on PS4

Downloading Fortnite on a PS4 requires a minimum of 23GB of free space. Initially, 8GB of files will be downloaded, and during the installation process, an additional 10GB will be downloaded to make the game playable. While the total size of Fortnite on PS4 is around 18GB, it’s important to have sufficient free space for a smooth gaming experience.

Fortnite Size on Xbox

For Xbox consoles, the installation process for Fortnite involves downloading 13GB of the game’s system files, followed by an additional 5GB of data files necessary for smooth gameplay.

This brings the total file size for Fortnite on Xbox One to approximately 19GB. On the newer Xbox Series X, the total file size is slightly larger, at around 22.5GB.


Fortnite’s storage requirements have been optimized on various platforms, allowing players to enjoy the game without occupying excessive storage space. With the reduced file size on PC, PS4, and Xbox, players can make the most of their available storage and easily manage their gaming libraries. It’s essential to ensure that your device meets the minimum system requirements and has enough free space to accommodate the installation and future updates of Fortnite. Enjoy the gaming experience and dive into the world of Fortnite with optimized storage!

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