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Unlock Unlimited XP in Fortnite Creative Mode: Map Codes and Glitches

Discover how to gain unlimited XP in Fortnite Creative mode with these map codes and glitches. Fortnite Chapter 4 has introduced exciting updates, including new weapons, locations, and the Dirt Bike vehicle. However, it’s important to understand the risks involved in using these XP glitches, as they may result in a ban. If you’re willing to take the chance, we’ve compiled some map codes that offer unlimited XP opportunities. Read on to learn more.

Fortnite Chapter 4: Exciting Updates and Features

Fortnite Chapter 4 brings a wave of fresh content to the game. Explore new weapons like the Ex-Caliber Rifle, Thunder Shotgun, and Shockwave Hammer. Visit new locations such as The Citadel, Anvil Square, and Brutal Bastion. The addition of the Dirt Bike adds a new level of excitement to the battle royale experience. Plus, keep an eye out for Geralt Of Rivia from The Witcher series, who makes a special appearance as an outfit later in the season.

Unlocking Unlimited XP: Map Codes and Glitches

If you’re eager to maximize your XP gains, certain maps in Fortnite Creative mode provide opportunities for unlimited XP. Let’s explore a few of these maps:

Dragwa 1V1 Build Fight 2023 (Map Code: 8551-5323-2094)

This map by drawga allows players to exploit AFK glitches and discover hidden XP buttons to earn increasing amounts of XP.

Completing additional objectives also rewards bonus XP. Check out the tutorial video to locate the secret buttons and make the most of this glitch.

Tutorial: DrFire 1V1 Build Fights (Map Code: 1710-8136-6400)

Created by drfire, this map features a similar XP glitch mechanic in a different setting. Find and activate hidden buttons placed throughout the map to earn generous amounts of XP. The provided tutorial video will guide you to the button locations and help you make the most of this glitch.

Tutorial: Ultimate 1V1 Far West (Map Code: 7880-0552-2442)

In this map created by fhocks, you’ll start earning XP immediately with an AFK XP button. Navigate the main area and locate secret buttons tied to changing sky colors, which will grant you a massive XP boost. The tutorial video will provide clear instructions on finding the hidden buttons for maximum XP gains.

Remember, exploiting these glitches comes with the risk of a ban. Proceed with caution and consider the potential consequences. However, if you’re eager to progress quickly and complete the Battle Pass, these map codes offer exciting opportunities for unlimited XP in Fortnite Creative mode.

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